2013 Mobile Sophistication and Strategy Study - Kontagent

Mobile is a commercial platform that’s outpacing any technology adoption curve in history. Organizations that want to win in mobile need to evolve their strategies specifically for mobile.

The 2013 Mobile Sophistication and Strategy Study highlights key findings from a comprehensive mobile strategy study produced by Econsultancy, in association with Kontagent. It contains responses from more than 1,300 business leaders worldwide. You’ll learn:

  • The current state of the mobile marketplace; 
  • The differences between how "mobile-first" and "mobile mainstream" brands are spending on and developing multiscreen strategies; 
  • How prepared these brands are to meet their mobile customers' shifting expectations. 

Read this executive brief now and learn why some companies are set up for success in mobile, while others are stuck on the sidelines. Which type of company do you want to be?

Executive Brief:
2013 Mobile Sophistication
and Strategy Study

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